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Five Stunning Modern Waterfall Faucets That Light Up When You Use Them!

Generally, I think of weird faucets as being a little gimmicky – especially LED faucets. Sure, there’s some novelty there, but it doesn’t exactly have the same magic as the first time I saw a light-up drinking fountain at Disneyland as a kid. Still, some LED faucets – especially modern waterfall faucets like those from […]

Five Novelty Faucets You’ll Want For Your Bathroom

By definition novelty items are shiny, new, unique, and unusual; by reputation, they’re short-lived and pretty junky. Once the thrill of that new cupcake-baker wears off, for example, it’s probably going to spend a lot of time gathering dust in the back of your cabinets. But while beer hats and bikini aprons fit nicely into […]

Important Water Saving Features For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Installing water efficient fixtures is hands down the best investment you can make during a bathroom remodel of any size or scope. Not only will these fixtures immediately begin paying for themselves in water savings, they’ll also appeal to potential future buyers, who are increasingly looking for more eco friendly bathrooms. For some, making the […]

Installing A Wall Mounted Faucet (And Why Your Contractor Doesn’t Want To)

Wall mounted faucets are an old fashioned feature that’s starting to see renewed life in both the kitchen and the bathroom. These sleek faucets run the gamut from old fashioned farmhouse style to extremely minimalist and modern, and because they’re not as common as they once were, they have a very elegant, designer feel. But […]

Budget Friendly DIY Projects To Get Your Bathroom Ready To Sell

Really nice looking bathrooms can be a major selling point in any home, and are one of the main features that buyers will look for. But if you’re getting ready to sell and one or more of your bathrooms is only so-so, an extensive bathroom renovation probably isn’t worth the rate of returns you’d get […]

Asian Inspired Bathrooms For A Zen Like Spa Style

Spa style master bathrooms have become hugely popular in recent years and are a great way to make a master bathroom that little bit more indulgent and relaxing. But while many of these bathrooms have a distinctly Nordic influence, lately homeowners have been looking farther east for inspiration. The simple, zen-like vibe of Asian inspired […]

Five Weekend Projects To Improve Your Bathroom On A Budget

Generally speaking, having an attractive, up-to-date bathroom is one of the most desirable features in all of contemporary home design. But whether you’re just moving into a new home, looking to move out of an old one, or just unable or unwilling to put in a lot of time and money to a major bathroom […]

Stylish Bathroom Faucets For $100 Or Less

A great bathroom faucet can totally transform the look and feel of your bathroom vanity, whether you’re installing it as part of a larger remodel or just swapping out your old one for a new style. But really nice, designer faucets are rarely cheap, and it can be tempting to just skimp on this feature […]

Choosing A Bathroom Faucet To Round Out Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Choosing a new bathroom faucet is one of the easiest features to overlook in a major bathroom remodel. It’s a seemingly small item that certainly doesn’t make the list of desirable luxury features (steam shower! heated floors! whirlpool tub!), and is therefore often tragically relegated to the “necessity” list. But I think a new faucet […]

Off-The-Wall Wall Mounting Systems: Bathroom Vanities Built For Wall Mounted Faucets

Adding a wall mounted faucet is a great way to add a designer flair to a bathroom of any size or shape. Unfortunately, doing so isn’t exactly easy: you’ll need to tear out part of your wall, reroute your plumbing, and work around any existing studs, to say nothing of retiling the wall when you’re […]