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Picking the Right Colorful Sofa for Your Living Space

Can a colorful sofa exist in the same world as reasonable, classy decor? The answer is yes! Bring some color into your life by replacing a drab, old sofa with a vibrant new one. Don’t be afraid to get creative! A lot of traditional design says that you should stick to neutral colors so that […]

Using Color Accents Well: Mostly Sparingly, Occasionally Overwhelmingly

Let’s get really basic for a second here. Color is one of the first things most of us consider when picking out, well, anything. We might find the perfect pair of shoes or style of jeans, but if they are in an ugly or unpleasant color,¬†we pass them over. And even if they are a […]

Dressing Up A Living Room With Colorful Accent Tables

I’m a strong believer that the best way to decorate is to start with a base of simple, neutral colors and then accessorize to personalize. Major purchases – whether it’s a kitchen counter or a sofa – should be the canvas not the decoration, simply because these items are the most difficult to replace as […]