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Hide In Plain Sight: Stylish Accessories as Covert Storage Solutions

You know what’s big recently? Going small. Minimalism can be found in countless trends. In everything from cell phones, to computers, to cars, we’re going smaller, sleeker, and more efficiently powerful. Trends in interior design are no different. Contemporary styles are about form rather than ornamentation, and the beauty inherent in simplicity. This is great […]

Clinching Contemporary: Open Up Your Space with Lines, Movement, and Color

The word ‘contemporary’ refers to the here and now, the current era, or to things existing alongside each other. In interior design, it means a specific set of decor trends and ideals, focusing on space, clean lines, and neutral colors. Not to be confused with ‘modern’ decor, which typically refers to styles from the mid […]

Traditional, Transitional, or Contemporary: Discovering Your Design Style

If you don’t have much experience with interior design, it can be more than a little intimidating to try to get started. No matter how much time you’ve spent looking at other houses, magazine spreads, or pictures online, if you don’t know how to describe them, you’re going to have trouble articulating what it is […]