Beadboard Bathroom Vanities – A Cottage Style For A Larger Bathroom

There are more than a few ways to quickly and inexpensively transform the appearance of a bathroom, but one of my favorites is simply applying beadboard to the walls. It’s cheap, it’s simple enough to do yourself, and it’s easy-mode for a bright, sunny classic style. But I was thinking – if beadboard works so […]

Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanities For A Cottage Style Bathroom

There are many ways to add rustic, cottage-style charm to a bathroom, but there’s none better than using natural, weathered wood. There’s something about the sight of aged, graying wood that speaks of hominess on a fundamental, almost subconscious level. Why? Maybe because most cottage-style homes in this country are older ones, and weathered wood […]

Sagehill Vanities For A Relaxing Seaside Cottage Style Bathroom

The ideal bathroom remodel is always a little bit of a getaway – whether it’s a sleek, modern space for grownups to escape the kids, a decadent Victorian decor to turn back the clock, or even an Asian fusion style to take you around the globe, the goal is relaxation, to sneak you out of […]