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Stylish and Unique Lighting by Lamp Works

Let’s talk about lamps for a second. They are so innocuous to your household that you might not even factor them in when you begin to shop around for furniture, but lamps are a great way to add a little extra flair to any room in your house. No matter how low-key or whimsical your decor […]

Restored And Re-Imagined Factory Lights For A Chic Contemporary Table Lamp

It used to be that an “antique lighting fixture” was just an old fashioned chandelier or wall sconce that swapped out real candles for flame-shaped light bulbs. But while these big, ornate fixtures have certainly stuck around, lately there’s been an increased interest in more recent designs. Early electric lights – particularly turn of the […]

Using Seashells For A Beach-Inspired Summer Decor

I grew up near the ocean, so to me there’s nothing that says summer like sand and sea shells. This time of year, many coastal dwellers – from Cape Cod to Malibu – bust out the beach decor to welcome the sunny season; everything from oars and life preservers to surf boards and driftwood. Even […]