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Choosing A Bathroom Faucet To Round Out Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Choosing a new bathroom faucet is one of the easiest features to overlook in a major bathroom remodel. It’s a seemingly small item that certainly doesn’t make the list of desirable luxury features (steam shower! heated floors! whirlpool tub!), and is therefore often tragically relegated to the “necessity” list. But I think a new faucet […]

Decorative LED Faucets For A Modern Bathroom

Far and away the vast majority of bathroom faucets look pretty similar – one or two handles, a standard spigot, and nothing really remarkable. Sure, some faucets are more beautiful and unique than others, but if you want to get something that will really stand out, you need to step a little ways out of […]

Luxury Bathroom Faucets To Update The Look Of Your Bathroom

A lot of things go into making a bathroom beautiful, but not all of it has to be big. If you’re in the middle of a major remodel, forgetting about the little things can be a huge mistake – as is assuming you can’t give an outdated bathroom a facelift without a huge investment. The […]