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Open Bathroom Vanities: A Sleek, Simple Style For A Modern Bathroom

Discussions about bathroom vanities often revolve around functionality – about size and shape or the quality, quantity, and variety of storage. But as important as it is to have a vanity that’s intuitive and usable and that fits the way you use your bathroom, today I’d like to put all that aside and talk simply […]

Transitional Bathroom Vanities – A Casual Twist On A Classic Look

The first step in any major bathroom remodel is deciding on a type of decor. Depending on the style of the rest of your home, the choice might be obvious. But if your home doesn’t fit neatly into a particular style, the age-old traditional vs. modern debate might be a little more complicated. If a […]

Choosing Unique Bathroom Vanities To Make Your Bathroom Shine

If you’ve spent any time at all shopping around for a new bathroom vanity, chances are you’ve noticed that, within a few sweeping style categories, they all start to look a little bit alike.  After all, standalone bathroom vanities are intended to replace built-in bathroom cabinetry, and many of them tend to be a little […]

Stylishly Simple – Minimalist Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities

I often talk about choosing a new bathroom vanity in terms of getting a look you’ll love – whether it’s traditional or contemporary. But design isn’t always about detail, and sometimes less is more – especially when it comes to a minimalist modern aesthetic. In some spaces, clean lines triumph, and simplicity offers it’s own […]

Pedestal Sinks: A Surprising Solution For Any Bathroom

Of all styles of bathroom sinks, pedestal sinks are among the most tried and true – and certainly one of the most time-tested. Pedestal sinks have seen widespread usage for more than a hundred years now, and there’s even a strong movement to collect and preserve antique pedestal sinks for use in historical homes. But […]

Asymmetrical Bathroom Vanities For A Stylish Modern Bathroom

It’s a well-known fact that symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Perfectly symmetrical faces are widely considered to be the most attractive, and everything from symmetrical architecture, furniture layout, and even photo placement create a sense of balance that people generally find appealing and even soothing. But modern design is all about smashing expectations and […]

Need A Quick, Unique Update For Your Bathroom? Try A Wood Sink!

These days there’s a lot of cool new stuff going on in the bathroom design world, but one of the wildest new trends I’ve seen is bathroom sinks made out of wood. Sounds a little weird, right, or maybe even ill advised? But these sinks are not only well designed (read: waterproof!) but they’re also […]

A New Twist On A Luxury Modern Bathroom Design From Laufen

I have a pretty eclectic design taste, but when it comes to a modern design, I strongly prefer styles that are more elegant than angular, eschewing geometric, utilitarian designs in favor of more artistic minimal lines. You can only imagine how happy I am to discover that one of the most famous modern bathroom designers […]

Top Ten Most Unique Freestanding Bathtubs

Major bathroom remodels are about two things: comfort, and style. Comfort, well, that comes built in to just about every luxury bathroom item. After all, all a bathtub really needs to be decadent and relaxing is to be big and reasonably well designed. But style is a whole different thing, and that takes a little […]

Spice Up Your Modern Bathroom Vanities With Dramatic Wood Accents

Modern bathroom design is all about beauty in simplicity – a fairly monochromatic palette, minimalist lines, and geometric shapes. That said, there are a few great ways to break the “rules” and make your modern bathroom design really stand out. In a modern bathroom, you expect all smooth, unbroken lines, so when you add something […]