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Make Your Home the Next North Pole With Indoor Christmas Statues

Christmas–if you celebrate it–is right around the corner, and decorating for the most wonderful time of year can feel intimidating even if you started hanging your stockings early in October, let alone waiting last minute and not knowing where to start. Thankfully, Toscano has a wide assortment of jolly indoor statues to represent what you […]

Horses at Home: Interesting Equestrian Decor

Horses are timeless. Humans have long appreciated their beauty and power, and they can be found in art and literature all throughout history. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘horse person’, I certainly grew up around enough horse people to have developed a healthy aesthetic appreciation. Equestrian decor and architecture don’t actually belong to any […]

Statues and Fountains: Don’t Forget the Outdoors

One of my clearest memories of my house growing up was a statue we all universally referred to as “the solitary imp”. The imp was a squat, grey gargoyle-like creature that sat and squinted across the fishpond. This statue has fixed itself more firmly in my mind than other part of the yard. In my opinion […]