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James Martin ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

Bathroom vanities come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, but some features are much more difficult to find than others. Solid wood bathroom vanities, for example, have become increasingly rare as use of particleboard and MDF has become more common. Unfinished bathroom vanities are all but unheard of, and are only really available from select high end manufacturers >>>...
Choosing the perfect vanity for a master bathroom is a bit of a balancing act. Of course you want the vanity to look good, but even more important is finding one that works well. After all, having two sinks and plenty of storage is a must for keeping the peace in many relationships, and unfortunately many vanities that focus solely on style do so at the expense of functionality >>>...
James Martin Furniture is one of the top manufacturers of luxurious, high-quality bathroom vanities, and their collection is always expanding and changing to keep up with the latest design trends. Sometimes those changes are small, like adding a new finish color to their existing bathroom vanities, and sometimes larger, like adding full new design sets to their existing lineup. This season, James Martin has done both, sprucing up some of their most popular vanities with finishes in a few of this season's trendiest colors, and adding an entirely new collection that's perfectly in line with the increasingly popular casual-but-elegant transitional style >>>...
James Martin Furniture is one of the most popular bathroom manufacturers on the market, in part due to their commitment to evolving - to expanding and re-imagining their product lines and staying at the cutting edge of the latest design trends. Their first update of 2016 is a major one, too, with the introduction of three entirely new vanity collections: Chicago, Vancouver, and Metropolitan. The styles range from sleek and modern to elegant and transitional, and are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes that make them easy to tailor to just about any bathroom >>>...
Wood is a natural material that is subject to changes in moisture and temperature. In other words, it moves and changes ever so slightly when exposed to humidity, heat or cold. Properly sealed and maintained wood and stone tops and bathroom cabinets are durable, beautiful and easy to use, but it is important to carefully follow the installation and care and maintenance instructions for your specific type of finish >>>...
Consider how involved a remodel can be, decorating a bathroom can be an arduous process. You will be asking questions like shower or bath? Mosaic tile or checkered? Should the curtains match the soap dispenser? What kind of sink?  The last one is easy enough to answer: if you want to maximize your space and amp up your aesthetic, go for a bathroom vanity.  As one of the leading names in bathroom decor, James Martin has a wide variety of pieces to choose from >>>...
A few times a year, James Martin Furniture tweaks their vanity collection, eliminating some designs and incorporating a few new ones to keep their brand fresh and on trend. This year's new spring catalog, though, marks a huge update, with the introduction of fully two dozen new design suites, as well as numerous improvements to and expansions of their existing collections. It's a bit much to enumerate, but there are a few standout features across all the new additions that are worth mentioning (though if you'd just like to take a look for yourself, you can peruse all of James Martin's new vanities yourself!) >>>...
Every year around this time, James Martin Furniture releases their new spring catalog - and does a little spring cleaning to their existing one. Many manufacturers debut new products at the start of the year, but James Martin goes one step further, expanding and refining their most popular designs and tweaking their collections to fit shifting trends and customer demands. So, today I'd like to do a quick breakdown both of James Martin's new offerings and the changes you can expect to see throughout their collection >>>...
It's easy to dream about your next bathroom remodel. From design blogs and decorating shows to product catalogs and Pinterest, chances are if you're thinking about starting a major renovation project, you probably already have a look in mind. But especially when you're shopping online, it can be a little difficult to visualize how something is going to look once it's actually in your space >>>...