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Sofas ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

In honor of yesterday's discussion of multitasking furniture, today I want to give a nod to maybe the most derided (yet important!) of all dual-purposed furniture: the sofa bed. Now, these aren't exactly popular, for more reasons than one. Futons are the bread and butter of college students and first-time renters, cheaper than either a bed or a sofa and able to do both jobs, but neither of them particularly well >>>...
White can be a difficult color to pull off. It takes creativity and finesse to make white walls or cabinetry fresh and bright rather than blank, and while white furniture can make a space look breezy and tropical or sophisticated and modern, white fabric can be very hard to keep clean. Still, with a little care and attention, white sofas or sectionals in particular can make a bold, beautiful statement in a living space >>>...
Futons get a bit of a bad rap; since they're sort of the go-to for college kids and first-time apartment dwellers, a lot of people don't really think of futons as "real" furniture, and will make the switch to a conventional sofa as soon as they can afford one. But not all sleeper sofas are like that ugly, metal-framed thing you had in your dorm room. In fact, many contemporary futons are indistinguishable from "real" sofas in terms of appearance and comfort, but have the added benefit of being able to turn into a bed >>>...
Buying a new sofa is a major investment, and I don't just mean financially. The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, and one of the most important pieces for defining the style of the space. And since many people keep their sofas for many years (or even decades!), the one you choose now might very well be with you for quite a long time >>>...
Cushions have existed for millennia; the ancients were well-equipped when it came to lounging. But it wasn't until the Renaissance that someone had the groundbreaking idea of outfitting a bench with a permanent cushion. And thus the comfy and fantastic creation the sofa came into being >>>...
Can a colorful sofa exist in the same world as reasonable, classy decor? The answer is yes! Bring some color into your life by replacing a drab, old sofa with a vibrant new one—don't be afraid to get creative. A lot of traditional design says that you should stick to neutral colors so that everything you have matches, but that's a very no-fun approach to the place you live in every day. Here are tips to help you pick the right colorful sofa for your living space in a way that complements your current or future design ideas >>>...