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Aron Living Rose Table 35.5" And 4 Chairs AL10080

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Brand: Aron Living
Series: dining table
Style: Contemporary/Modern
Color: White
Finish White
UPC: 634598083000
Width: 35.5
Length: 35.5
Height: 29
Material: Wood


Inspired by the American and Finnish architecture back in the mid-century, Rose table series is a lavish and beautiful piece for simple use. These days the simpler, the better! Unlike the four legs of the table that bother a lot of gentries, this one has a distinct pedestal base composed of aluminum which perfectly gives support to the table top. You can definitely have your family and friends gather around it to enjoy a warm meal together. It sure is an exquisite decor for dining rooms; top it with a lovely decoration piece or an elegant flower vase.  

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