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Before The Bomb, There Was The Bathroom: Vintage Bathroom Designs From The 1940s

In the 40s, society was recovering from the Great Depression and the second World War, and fashion and style came back with a bang. People finally had enough money to renovate and go shopping and they all wanted a taste of the American dream. Here in 2011, what better way to celebrate surviving our country's most recent recession than by renovating with a 1940s theme in mind! A glistening b...

The Air Duct to Better Ventilation in the Bathroom

Bathroom ventilation does more than improve a hot and stuffy bathroom. It helps prevent mold and bad smells. Water vapor that does not get sucked out builds up over time in the timber and can cause irreversible damage. Ventilation is the key to a healthier and more hygienic bathroom. Installation Tips     -Make sure the fan terminates outside instead of into the attic or wall. ...

Mirror Mirror... Romantic Bathroom Vanities

Arriving nicely dressed to work every single day might be the key to success, but appearing well groomed is easier for some than others. It depends on a person's type of hair, whether or not he has tattoos, or has a talent for ironing or suffers any chronic acne. Life can be cruel. The bathroom vanity was aptly named such because it is a place in the home where we focus all our attention on ou...

Our Century's Most Macho Bathroom Designs

The new millenium will accommodate the average guy's design standard for his bathroom renovation beyond his expectations. These bizarre bathroom installations offer men what they love most, women, drink and humor. Get drunk with the guys from work, and laugh your guts out as you're puking into a  urinal shaped like a woman's lips. These vulgar men's restrooms were so offensive, they were re...

Design Your Dream Bathroom: Freestanding Tubs To Make Your Home Spa Shine

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who wash, and people who bathe. If you're the latter, you probably know what I mean  - whether you're taking a hot shower or a luxurious bubble bath, it isn't just about getting in, getting out, and getting clean. For bathers, the journey (the long soak, the relaxation) trumps the destination (merely getting clean). Now, as a huge fan and advocat...

Whimsical Bathroom Urinals a Funny Fixture

Most of us take our bathrooms pretty seriously.  Unless the worst happens, and the toilet breaks, we don't think much about the fixtures that are installed there. It's definitely not where we spend our design energy. But we're in our bathrooms all the time, so it makes sense to fill them with what we want. Like putting furniture in any other room, you should at least think about your options.  For...

Love The Little Luxuries: Spa Style Towel Warmers For Your Bathroom

There are a lot of luxuries, big and small, that you can cram into your bathroom. It's one of the easiest places in your home to indulge. From whirlpool tubs to custom showers, to elegant soaking tubs, there are a lot of fancy bathroom upgrades to  help you get your relax-on. But in the midst of our hectic lives, how often do you really have time to get in a good soak, or enjoy more than just the ...

Japanese Style Bathroom

Bathing rituals vary widely the world over, depending on climate, culture, and many other factors, but I've always been the most fascinated by the bathing customs of Japan. Historically, water was considered an important purification agent in both Shintoism and Buddhism, the two major religions of Japan, which gave bathing a uniquely spiritual significance. The result was a unique emphasis on cl...

Small Renovations To Make Your Bathroom Shine: How A New Tub Filler Can Be A Game Changer

Major remodels can be prohibitively expensive no matter what room you're doing them in. When you're looking to update a whole area, the price and scope of a project can get out of hand pretty quickly. But sometimes you've gotta do something to keep your home looking fresh - and little details really can go a long way towards transforming the look and feel of a room. In a bathroom, for example chan...

Liberate Your Bathroom Layout With A Deck Mounted Faucet

Most standard bathtubs have a wall mounted faucet - but if you're upgrading to a big inset tub like a whirlpool - or especially a freestanding tub - it can be difficult to line up your new fixtures with traditional style hardware. Not only that, but keeping your tub stuck to a wall can really limit the layout of your bathroom remodel. If you don't like the idea of big, gangly clawfoot tub fillers ...