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Kitchen ideas and shopping tips

Creative, Modern, even Futuristic Kitchen Appliances

You spend enough time in the kitchen. Find your Holy Grail of kitchen appliances and enjoy that time. The right piece is out there. The Quadrio four-door refrigerator sounds like a luxury car for a reason. For once, you won't have to play Tetris with your leftovers and six-packs of caffeine fix. Small kitchens should come with options, too. If you need kitchen furniture with big sty...

Make your Coffee Maker Earn its Place in the Kitchen

There are two coffee pots, a French Press, and a thingy that boils water sitting on my counter. They're not mine. I would put a toaster there, and maybe some nice dirty dishes, because I am the only graduate student in North America who doesn't drink coffee. Ever. For any reason. I get that I'm in the minority here, and I'm okay with that. My theory is, if the first thing you want to see every mor...

Kitchen Design Style Guide - Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas and Products

Contemporary kitchen design isn't just new, it's really appealing. I found so many great contemporary style kitchen products that I won't spend your time talking. Take a look. Take a long look- lots of kitchen design ideas here. This contemporary style kitchen does a lot of things right. The most obvious are the custom cabinets by Canyon Creek. But there's a lot of style in the stainless steel,...

Emulate the Elegant Old World Charm of a French Country Kitchen

My sister just bought a house (success!) but hates the French Country style cabinets. How this is possible for a woman who grew up on the same farm as me, can't get enough of baguettes, and otherwise has good taste, I don't know. But she's tearing those poor, beautiful cabinets out, and I need you to help balance the kitchen design equilibrium. When a cabinet is torn out, somewhere another one mus...

Sinks and Faucets Shopping Guide, Perfect for French Country Kitchen Design

I came up with quite a shopping list while dreaming about remodeling a French Country kitchen! For the first installment, I found the most traditional, elegant, yet functional sinks and faucets to outfit your new kitchen. My next post will guide you to some of the best backsplashes, countertops, floor tile, and hardwood flooring. Which doesn't even cover lighting and appliances yet! Follow along, ...

The French Country Kitchen Shopping Guide Gets you Mosaic Tile, Granite Countertops, and Flooring

Are the French Country design shopping guides going to keep coming? Do they speak French...and German and Basque... in France? Probably. See my original inspiration post on the design style for tips on how to make it yours, and snag the perfect French Country design sinks and faucets I unburied yesterday. They'll look great between these mosaic tile backsplashes, granite countertops, and flooring....

The Best Major Appliances and Lighting for French Country Kitchens and More

When you're doing a kitchen remodel, always budget cash and space for your major appliances. You'll need a fair amount of both, but then without appliances like a kitchen range, oven hood, dishwasher, and microwave,  it wouldn't be much of a kitchen. You're also gonna hurt yourself cooking in the dark and squinting at recipes, so plan for the perfect lighting. Now, remember this? French ...

Victorian Kitchen Design Remodeling for Romantics (and their Practical Friends)

Victorian design sounds romantic, and I think of an ornate armchair (full of tall, dark, and handsome). But despite some fancy detailing on the woodwork, Victorian kitchens are actually utilitarian. They are traditionally simple spaces with open shelves in natural colors. A large, central table takes the place of countertops, and all the dishes and utensils are visible to work with. To see what Vi...

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design Made Easy

Fewer things are nastier than messes dried onto kitchen walls. Wet and molding kitchen walls might be one of them. Solution: mosaic tile kitchen backsplash. Now what kind? You have about 18-20 inches of gap space to work with between the counter and cabinets- read up and get creative. There are all kinds of kitchen backsplash materials and kitchen backsplash design choices out there. I research...

Ceramic Tile, Mosaic Tile, and Murals: Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Design

Welcome to a shameless display of my affection for kitchen backsplash design. A kitchen backsplash isn't just useful, or just pretty, or even pretty useful. It's a solid investment to protect your kitchen walls and the good humor of your kitchen slave. They can make a big design statement or fit into any decor, and the examples I found run the whole style spectrum from French Country to hip contem...