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Toilet Paper Holders ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

The Japanese learned early on how elegant paper walls accentuated grace in the home. Now we are seeing floors made from paper - paper bags. It sounds like trash, but it looks fantastic >>>...
You might have noticed that three words you probably used to hear a lot are starting to fall out of usage: paper or plastic? Many grocery stores have switched to one or the other - and in some cities, have done away with both. The canvas reusable grocery bag is becoming ubiquitous in markets and discount stores across the country, not only because they're better for the environment, but they're more convenient, too. There are a lot of reasons paper and plastic bags are falling out of favor >>>...
Over the last decade or sow, "low flow toilet" had come to be a phrase that evokes both mistrust and disdain. Because of environmental laws passed in the early '90s, older style toilets have been phased out in favor of new, more environmentally friendly ones that use significantly less water per flush. The problem is - or was - that when the laws were passed, toilet technology had remained largely unchanged since its invention in the mid 19th century: let a huge, gravity-driven rush of water flush waste out of the toilet >>>...
If you have any question about the importance of toilets, read this earlier post. Otherwise, I think we're all on the same page here. The right new toilet is one of the most important decisions in your bathroom and a big deal for your home >>>...
In most American homes, a toilet is a toilet is a toilet. The shape of the bowl, size of the tank, or color of the porcelain might vary a little, but more or less in this country we all sit on the same throne. But elsewhere in the world, people have tinkered and toyed with toilets, adding technologically advanced luxury features to make something more than your average pot >>>...
If you subscribe to any home and garden magazines, or spend any time surfing HGTV, you've probably noticed wall toilets creeping into designer bathrooms all over the place. These are toilets with tanks installed directly into the wall, and bowls that don't touch the ground, suspended beautifully on the wall in a nice compact package. But many people believe these types of toilets are not for them - that they're difficult to install, difficult to maintain, and so on >>>...
The transition to lower flow toilets has been a pretty rocky one. Many people were put off by early low flow toilets that, frankly, didn't work, and despite significant improvements in the tech, buyers have remained wary of replacing their old toilets. But many older models flush inefficiently, take forever to refill, and use tons and tons of water >>>...
There are tons of tips and tricks out there for saving space in a small bathroom, but one that doesn't always make the list is actually one of my favorites: the wall mounted toilet. These sleek modern fixtures take up significantly less space than traditional toilets, and come equipped with many eco-friendly features, like dual-flush controls and uniquely designed bowls that help further reduce water consumption. They're a little complicated to install, but simple to maintain and clean and offer a stylish, intuitive way to save space in any bathroom, no matter how small >>>...