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Floor Lamps ideas and shopping tips

I've never been a big fan of floor lamps. I mean, I understand the utility - every room needs light and not every room has it built in. A floor lamp bridges the gap without taking up any surface space, all while staying more or less out of the way. But as with your run of the mill table lamp, there are a thousand and one designs out there, but to me they all look more or less the same: Shade, stan...
Any real estate agent or contractor will tell you: if you can manage to sneak built-in lighting into any (and every!) room in your home, you should. Being able to flip a switch and get all-over, over-head lighting gives any space an immediate visual appeal that can easily translate into a fast sale or even a slightly higher value on your home. But installing permanent lighting fixtures isn't alway...
Confession: I'm a room re-arranger. There's nothing wrong with most of the furniture in my bedroom, but I've been re-arranging it every few weeks to cut down on cabin fever. (It's a small room, with a crazy slanted ceiling). This has also been my desperate attempt to find a magic solution to my lighting crisis. What I should really do with that time and energy, of course, is suck it up and buy a l...