Choosing The Perfect Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity For A Small Bathroom

Most wall mounted bathroom vanities share a similar aesthetic: they’re simple and square with smooth straight lines and not a lot of embellishments. The similarities between designs become more pronounced the smaller the vanities get, especially once you get down to the 30″ and under range. But the smaller the vanity, the more important subtle differences become. Choosing between different types of storage – or even different sinks – can make a big difference in the usability of the vanity.

Rebecca 18" Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity From RonBow
Rebecca 18″ Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity From RonBow

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In a typical bathroom vanity, the majority of the sink rests beneath the level of the counter, meaning the sink and plumbing protrude down into the main cabinet. Because the cabinets are large, this isn’t much of a problem, but fitting the same amount of hardware in a much smaller wall mounted cabinet can be a little trickier.  Most wall mounted bathroom vanities use streamlined, more angular plumbing (rather than the traditional U-bend style trap) to help save space, but choosing the right sink can help, too.

Primo 24" Bathroom Vanity With Vessel Sink
Primo 24″ Bathroom Vanity With Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks really shine on wall mounted bathroom vanities. Not only is it easy to set the vanity at a comfortable height for the taller sink, but because the sink sits on top of the vanity rather than being recessed into it, all the space the sink would normally occupy is freed up for storage. The plumbing will still protrude down into the cabinet, but not nearly as far as it would with a standard sink. If you want to maximize the amount of storage in a wall mounted bathroom vanity, vessel sinks are definitely the way to go.

Fly FL4 27.7" Bathroom Vanity With Integrated Sink From Iotti
Fly FL4 27.7″ Bathroom Vanity With Integrated Sink From Iotti

That said, vessel sinks aren’t the only option. You’ll also frequently see wall mounted bathroom vanities with low profile sinks integrated right into the vanity top. These are very shallow sinks, often only about as deep as the counter is thick, designed to take up as little space inside the cabinet as possible. Thick porcelain vanity tops have a slightly more traditional look than vessel sinks while offering a similar amount of storage space and a surface that’s much easier to clean, while glass vanity tops with integrated sinks offer their own unique modern appearance.

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Zuri 24" Vanity In Gloss White From Virtu USA
Zuri 24″ Vanity In Gloss White From Virtu USA

Choosing the right storage is also important. While it might not seem like there’s much room for options on what is essentially a 24″ square box, finding the right balance of drawers and cabinets, or even the right place for a hinge, can really make these petite vanities much more useful and accessible. For example, drawers offer the most accessible storage – you can pull them out and clearly see what’s inside, and they generally keep your items a little better organized – especially in a vanity with two or more smaller drawers. But because drawers have to accommodate for the plumbing, they’re typically U-shaped, which means you have to sacrifice a little less than a third of the available space for this added convenience.

Midori 24" Bathroom Vanity In Plum From Virtu USA
Midori 24″ Bathroom Vanity In Plum From Virtu USA

Cabinets, on the other hand, make use of all the space inside the vanity. You’ll have to work around the plumbing somewhat, but even so this setup offers the greatest quantity of space you’ll find in a wall mounted bathroom vanity. That said, as with any cabinet, items placed in back will be harder to find, and small items can fall by the wayside. You also want to pay attention to how the door or doors on the cabinet open. A standard door hinge will mean you’ll have to step away from the vanity to open it, but a cabinet with two small doors on the front instead of just one is a little more comfortable to use. Similarly, a single door with a hinge on the bottom will allow you to open the cabinet just slightly and reach down inside, more like you would use a drawer.

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Madrid 30" Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity With Vessel Sink From Design Element
Madrid 30″ Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity With Vessel Sink From Design Element

Some slightly wider bathroom vanities combine both drawers and cabinets, and if you have the horizontal space to spare, this is definitely the most efficient option, because it combines the best of both worlds. A smaller cabinet (with the plumbing in the back) is slightly easier to navigate without looking, while one to three very narrow drawers set off to one side (out of the way of the plumbing) offer space to store small toiletries that might get misplaced in a full sized cabinet.

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Simple NS4 22.5" Bathroom Vanity With Towel Bar From Iotti
Simple NS4 22.5″ Bathroom Vanity With Towel Bar From Iotti

Finally, it’s worth looking for wall mounted vanities that come with other built in storage features as well. While the bare-bones square shape is pretty standard, you’ll occasionally find slightly more oblong vanities that offset the sink to create a little bit of counter space, or vanities with small, open storage cubbies or other slight design shifts that add just a touch more functionality. My favorite wall mounted vanity upgrade, though, is maybe the simplest: putting a towel bar on the side. This is a change that takes up virtually no space, but puts hand towels closer to where you need them while freeing up the space you would normally hang the towel on the wall, keeping the whole bathroom just that little bit neater and more streamlined. What do you think is the most important feature for a wall mounted bathroom vanity? Let me know in the comments!

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