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Five Stylish Magazine Racks To Help You Declutter Your Living Room

I have something of a magazine problem. It’s not that I have too many magazine subscriptions, but that the magazines I do get tend to pile up unfortunately and in unsightly places. To me, there’s almost no kind of clutter worse than piled up magazines, mail, and newspapers. To stop it from building up, I try to make sure I always have a dedicated place for paper reading materials to go, and I go out of my way to make sure that place to looks good. How? Simple! With decorative magazine racks.

The Classic

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The simplest way to tackle a magazine problem like mine is to go the classic route: with a very simple, very traditional magazine rack. These are slim and compact, designed to sit close to a piece of furniture, like a sofa, without taking up too much space, but big enough to hold a decent assortment of magazines. But if you want this setup to look nice, you need to find a magazine rack that will play the part. I know plenty of people that use very basic baskets or cheapie wire or plywood pieces that are small and inexpensive, but patently unattractive. Instead, look for something with a little more designer flair, made of nicer wood or heavier metal. Really nice pieces will cost a little bit more, but they’ll also do a better job of disguising the magazines, which will make your space feel a bit less cluttered.


I love pretty much any type of multitasking furniture, and coffee tables or side tables with integrated magazine racks are no exception. In fact, it’s become almost as easy to find a multi-function magazine table as it is to find a standard, plain-jane magazine holder. Many are pretty simple and open, more or less a magazine rack with a table top attached to it, but you can also find some with additional built-in hidden storage or other fun features. This Manassas table, for example, has a pull-out shelf that nearly doubles the surface space, making it dual-purpose as a magazine rack, side table, and even a spot to serve drinks or open mail – making it perfect for reducing clutter!

Reading Table

Similarly, there are lots of smaller side tables that have integrated magazine racks, too. One common trick is to essentially convert the table legs into a magazine rack, allowing magazines to be stored in the space between the legs that would normally be left empty. This type of table is great for putting alongside a recliner or in a small reading nook. Not only does it mean keeping all your magazines close at hand to your favorite cozy reading chair, it also adds a little surface space that’s convenient for setting down a cup of coffee or tea, or even a pair of reading glasses or a book. As with more heavily multitasking pieces, this is a great way to get the functionality of a magazine rack without adding an extra piece of furniture to your space.

Magazine And Mail Sorter

If your magazine problem skews more towards making sure the right people get their hands on the right magazines and mail, a great, stylish way to get organized is to place (or wall-mount) a multi-tiered magazine stand or rack near your front door. The multiple separate sections will make it possible to quickly sort magazines, mail, books, or other small items for multiple family members for easy drop-off and pick-up. Standalone ones are probably the bulkiest option I’ve mentioned here, but if your family gets a lot of stuff in the mail every day, if you have a lot of magazine subscriptions, or if you’re all regular patrons of your local library, it’s a good way to make sure the right things get into the right hands every day, and important mail doesn’t fall between the cracks.

Make It Modern

Most magazine racks are designed to hide or at least disguise your magazines; the covers are loud and busy, and even a few of them spread out on your coffee table often wind up just looking like clutter. But magazine covers can also be used as decor, like a functional twist on pop art – you just have to draw attention to their design. Of course, magazine covers with simple, striking graphics will work better for this than your weekly TV Guide, but placing a magazine in a simple, sleek modern magazine stand will put the cover on display. These more streamlined designs also take up less space without losing capacity, which makes them perfect for eliminating tabletop clutter in a small space.  

Regardless of your sense of style, if you tend to have a lot of magazines sitting around, investing in a good magazine rack can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the space. The nicer the rack looks, and the more magazines it can hold, the tidier and less cluttered your living room will feel!