Get The Look: Playing With Contrast In A Contemporary Gray and White Bathroom

Gray bathroom vanities are often used in transitional bathrooms – an in-between color for an in-between style. But this trendy look also works beautifully in a more contemporary bathroom, especially when used with a high contrast style. A gray-and-white space is less harsh than a black and white bathroom, but can be just as striking. This bathroom by Skyring Architects plays up the slightly more mellow contrast, and enhances it with bright pops of color to create a very vivid minimalist space.

Gray is an incredibly trendy color right now, and it can be used to make a softer version of a high-contrast black and white bathroom (by Skyring Architects)
Gray is an incredibly trendy color right now, and it can be used to make a softer version of a high-contrast black and white bathroom (by Skyring Architects)

Get The Look: The gray vanity is the anchor for this bathroom, but it’s the contrasting floor tile and wall tile that really brings the look together. An exposed bulb light with a red cord and matching hand towel add a much needed (and very modern) touch of color to the space. The frameless round mirror keeps up with the strong geometry of the space, while the chrome shower pipe is in keeping both with the modern feel of the space and the color scheme. And, if you’re feeling sassy, you can even add in a stylized deer head.

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Why It Works:

This bathroom is all about contrast. Though a deep gray won’t stand out as starkly against white as a solid black, the contrast between the two colors is threaded throughout the bathroom. Most obviously, the white vanity top on the gray vanity mirrors the white walls and gray floor. More subtly, the white tile has a dark gray grout, while the gray tile has white grout. In both cases, the grout brings out the geometry of the tiles, making the shapes stand out sharply and emphasizing the very modern lines of the space. The round mirror stands out as the only curved shape in the bathroom, but its lack of adornment makes it mesh well with the very modern geometric feel of the space.

On such a stark backdrop, it isn’t hard to make a little bit of color stand out, but the choice of a bold, primary red really intensifies the modern feel of the bathroom. Any other color would work to break the monochrome grayscale of the rest of the bathroom, but a fire engine red is screaming bright and attention grabbing, which immediately lends personality to the space. The exposed bulb lighting fixture isn’t the most practical choice for a bathroom, but the knotted, free-hanging red cord adds a much-needed touch of imperfection to all those rigid shapes and stark lines. Similarly, the woodcraft deer head has a slightly tongue-in-cheek feel, while the soft pink orchid adds a subtle natural touch to the bathroom, both of which keep it from feeling too sterile.
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But you tell me – what do you think of this high contrast gray and white bathroom? Let me know in the comments below!