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Use A Buffet Table to Store Everything in Your Dining Room

In planning out a dining room, the most prominent part in picking out furniture is deciding on the table and chairs. But that’s not all a dining room has to be. Including a decorative storage unit like a buffet table can enhance your dining space by adding more room for dishware, more surface space for meals, and even more visible style for your room.

Struttura Buffet Large, Walnut Veneer, Adjustable Shelves, Polished Stainless Steel Legs, SB1249L-WLT by Whiteline

When entertaining, having a buffet table means you have an extra surface to count on in your dining room. Your dining table can quickly get overwhelmed by all the dishware, food, and drinks guests have during a meal, let alone decorative accents like the centerpiece. Having a serving station on top of your buffet table for dishes can take some of the burden off your dining table and free up space to actually dine. It can be a surface to serve food, mix drinks, or just hold extra plates and sides in a rotating fashion with the dining table proper as the meal progresses.

Andros Grey Lacquer Buffet In Grey, CDF-D4101 by Contemporary Design Furniture

Less used but still valuable dishware (like your special occasion china) and appliances can also have a home inside your buffet. Things like waffle makers and blenders take up a lot of space in your pantry or cabinets and tend to get buried over time, making it harder to pull them out when you need them. In a separate, secondary storage area like a buffet table, these things are out of the way but easy to access. You may even use the appliances more once you have easy access to them. I know I do!

Mason Black Buffet In Black, Brushed Gold, TOV-L6139 by Tov Furniture

A buffet table makes room in your kitchen cupboards by being an alternative place to store everything and anything. For homes not blessed with a large pantry, you may have food goods sharing space with your dishes in the cupboards. This can lead to overstuffed shelves, so the more storage available to you the better. That’s where the buffet table comes in. Its location in the dining room is also a boon to keep everything close by but not in your kitchen directly to keep the space from feeling cramped while you cook.

Zico Buffet Grey Washed Oak Veneer #1707, SB1482-WNG by Whiteline

If you want to get creative with your buffet table, you don’t have to use it exclusively for storage. Creating a mini bar in your dining room out of a buffet is a hip way to display your alcohol collection and keep all of it in one clutter-free space. Stack your nice bottles on top of the buffet table as accents or invest in one with a clear glass doors to showcase your drink choices for guests who dine at your table. Plus, the surface can be used as a mixing drinks station if you feel the need to show off your bartending skills.

Astoria Dark Concrete Buffet In Dark Grey, Brown, Brass, TOV-D7064 by Tov Furniture

While buffet tables tend to be long and low to the ground – meant to blend in with your dining room – you don’t have to hide your buffets in the background. Intricate designs, fun patterns, and trendy metals allow you to bring attention to and highlight yours to create a bolder, more visually appealing dining room that a dining table simply can’t do alone.

Whether you like crafting a more nuanced visual space or just want the extra storage, buffet tables are a great choice for any dining room that has the space for one!