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Organize Your Home Storage Better With a Shoe Rack

Everyone wants to improve their home storage, but many organizers are pricey and unneeded. A shoe rack can seem frivolous at first when you already have a floor to put your shoes on, but it’s a much more practical invention than other organizers. It’s a device of convenience, keeping both you and your shoes in better shape for longer. And the shoe racks of today aren’t just your boring wood or metal benches; they are designed for you.

Avoid Wear and Tear

Minetta 14-pair Mid Century Shoe Closet In White, 131AMC166 by Manhattan Comfort

The biggest and most obvious reason to install a shoe rack in your home is to protect your shoes. A single good pair is expensive and needs to last years of regular wear. Storing your shoes in a closet or on a rack will keep them from getting scuffed or dirtied when you’re not using them. It isn’t a lot of damage, but it adds up over time. A quality shoe rack is a one-time investment that really can pay for itself in the long run. Your shoes will last longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as often.

Stop Tripping in its Tracks

NOA shoe rack in oak melamine, KD-B140OK by Casabianca

Leaving your shoes out doesn’t just age them unnecessarily; it’s also a hazard. Avoid tripping on your shoes by placing them on a shoe rack either off the ground or with height. Any open rack will keep them off the floor and out of the way, and a shoe rack door adds extra protection to keep them from falling off as well. Not to mention, people aren’t the only ones who can trip on shoes. If you have a robot vacuum, a shoe rack will also keep it from sucking up your laces and dragging your shoes around the house when you run it. And if you have pets that like to chew laces or shoes, an elevated, enclosed shoe rack might be the only thing to give your shoes adequate protection.

Get Organized

NOA shoe rack in black wenge melamine, KD-B140WE by Casabianca

While we stereotype fashionable people as having too many shoes, it’s hard to not have multiple pairs no matter who you are. If you live somewhere that gets four seasons of weather, it can even be a necessity. Shoes for cold, rain, snow, everyday, office, summer, or special occasions; the shoe count can add up quickly. And while you probably prefer to store some shoes in the off season (like flip flops and snow boots), keeping the rest of your collection in one place will make it easier to find the pair you’re looking for. No more hunting around for the set you wanted (or, worse, the one shoe you swore you left over here…).

At Your Convenience

BEL AIR shoe rack in light oak with white grain melamine, KD-I7003W by Casabianca

The most generic shoe racks are just that: a wood or metal rack you can plonk your shoes on. But if you’d rather not look at a big stack of shoes by your front door or in your bedroom, you can get a lot fancier. Personally, I like shoe racks that have tip-out drawers. They aren’t ideal if you have a lot of tall boots, but for shoes that are ankle-height or lower, they can hide away a lot of pairs in surprisingly little space. Better still, these concealed racks can often be wall-mounted. That means you can put them almost anywhere you need them. More importantly, it means you won’t have to bend over to reach your shoes, which can seriously spare your back if you spent a lot of time hunting through a knee-height rack.

Keep Your Storage Pretty

AnNOA shoe rack in matte white, KD-B140WH by Casabianca

Regardless of the size or style, shoe racks need not be an eyesore. Ones with doors, or ones with a more furniture-like design, have a much more unobtrusive look. At minimum, they might look like an ordinary storage cabinet, or at best have an appealing, decorative feel. Keeping your shoes tucked away in closed storage also comes with another benefit: not only will you protect your shoes from damage, but you’ll protect your home from your shoes. Keeping muddy footprints off the floor (and even just dirty shoes out of sight) will not only help clean up your space, but also concentrate your mess in one spot for quicker, easier cleaning.

Having a dedicated shoe rack may not be a necessity for your home, but its benefits far outweigh the one-time cost. The next time you’re organizing your home, consider that a shoe rack may be the addition you need.