Get the Look: Outfitting Your Garage for People and Vehicles

Everybody wants a beautiful, organized garage. Ideally, one you can even spend casual time in without a project to tinker on or a car to repair. But getting there is a lot easier said than done, and the garage tends to get passed over on big-budget renovations. This garage remodel from Nicole Arnold Interiors shows that organizing the space you have and adding some essentials can be a much easier way to highlight the space and use it for more than mere storage.

Building a pleasant garage is all about accessories and ease of organizing (by Nicole Arnold Interiors)

Why It Works:

When it comes to sorting a garage, it’s easy to get lost in all the little details (like individual tool holders). But what really matters when redesigning the space is the big picture: what needs to be out and when? Not every tool and gadget has to be in arm’s reach; you have a ladder for that. While it can be difficult compromise on the workshop aspect, remember that a garage is a dual-purpose space. Everything needs to be able to be moved out of the way of a car, or able to take a hit if you park too close. While it’s hard to make a garage look “trendy,” tidiness goes a long way in the aesthetics department. The nicest-looking garage is one that’s easy to keep clean.

Get the Look:

Furnish your garage with shelving that uses up the available space without getting in the way of your car. Wall-mounted shelves can be placed high up for maximum storage potential. This also keeps colorful cleaners out of the reach of eager children and pets. Shelving with wheels adds mobility for when you need your tools right next to you. If you’re a fan of long projects, having a mini fridge close by reduces unnecessary trips inside. Everyone knows distraction can sap your motivation to go back out and finish what you were doing.

For a more recreational touch, add an easy-to-move but sturdy bar table and seating. Consider that garages keep most weather out, and you and your friends suddenly have a covered patio in a pinch. Wall art that can withstand exhaust and snow, preferably in a tough metal or wood material, brings in personality that garage-proof furnishings tend to lack without cluttering up your work area. It can also be a functional part of your garage, hiding wall damage or telling you the time to keep you on track.

Finishing your garage doesn’t have to mean kicking your car to the curb. A little thoughtful arranging and conscientious material choice can transform your garage into a space you love to be in, while still leaving you plenty of space to park.