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Dresser Style Bathroom Vanities – A Storage Smart Option For A Traditional Bathroom

In a recent post, I mentioned that it’s a little more difficult to find antique style bathroom vanities that have good, usable storage options. Drawers tend not to mesh well with a conventional small cabinet, and many designers overlook even including shelves inside. But today I’d like to take a look at one of the […]

Queen Anne Legs (Or, What To Look For In An Antique Bathroom Vanity)

Even as modern design makes some headway, traditional and antique styles are still among the most popular, especially in luxurious, opulent bathroom renovations. Antique designs lend instant elegance and sophistication to a bathroom decor, and the more authentic the designs, the better the effect. But if you don’t know your antiques, getting this look isn’t […]

Choosing The Right Ornate Antique White Bathroom Vanities

Ornate antique white bathroom vanities are one of the most popular styles of bathroom vanities out there. But while the phrase may seem simple, all the vanities in this style are by no means the identical – and I don’t just mean the size and shape of the cabinet. The level of detailing, the color, […]

Weathered Bathroom Vanities For A Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

I have a good friend who’s just that exact perfect combination of crafty and thrifty that makes her an incredible decorator. In fact, she just moved cross country and made a hefty profit selling off her furniture, most of which she’d gotten for cheap or free and refinished, repainted, or re-envisioned with her own two […]

White Bathroom Vanities For Any Style Bathroom

You might think of white as being sort of a blah color – the neutral, the default, the blank slate. But when it comes to bathroom design in general and bathroom vanities in particular, white is one of the best and most flexible colors out there. It helps keep a bathroom looking clean, bright, open, […]

Antique Bathroom Vanity Sets – Old World Style With A Modern Convenience

Building an antique inspired bathroom isn’t easy. After all, you certainly don’t want to expose real antiques to the harsh, humid, and ever changing environment of the bathroom, and replicas designed specifically for the bathroom aren’t always easy to come by. Traditional bathroom vanities easier to find, but truly ornate antique styles – with elaborate […]

Evolution Of Bathroom Vanities From Antique To Modern

As a bit of an occupational hazard, I’ve really fallen in love with bathroom design in all its shapes and forms. From historical restorations to the most contemporary spaces, I think the bathroom is the most fun place in the whole home to play with design. That’s why, today, I want to take a minute […]

Antique Bathroom Vanities – Building A Lavish Bathroom Design

Interior designers say that bathrooms are trending more modern than ever, moving away from traditional and especially antique design. But if you love the look of ornate, traditional bathrooms, never fear – there’s still plenty of room for a lavish style, and an antique bathroom vanity is a great place to start. But while there […]

Everything You Can Do With Wood Bathroom Vanities

I’ve talked a bit before about wood bathroom vanities, but usually in the context of structural integrity or rustic style. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and shades, and work well in a variety of bathroom decors. If you like the look of natural wood, and are considering a bathroom renovation, but aren’t quite […]

Bathroom In A Box – Cole+Co’s Designer Bathroom Vanity Combos

Not everyone is a designer, and no matter how many hours you spend plastered to your favorite home remodel show, making great bathroom design choices and pairings might never come naturally. Getting the perfect look for your bathroom vanity takes hard work, time, searching, and a little bit of a natural eye. So if you […]