Why Bigger Bathtubs Aren’t Always Better

For a long time, whirlpool bathtubs were the darlings of luxury bathroom design. But in recent years this has started to change in a big way: homeowners are starting to eschew big jacuzzis in favor of smaller, simpler tubs, and buyers are even starting to count bathrooms that have more expensive jetted tubs as a […]

Elements Of A Cape Cod Bathroom Design For A Luxurious Small Bathroom

Cape Cod bathroom design has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And it’s no surprise; Cape Cod bathrooms are great for scaling a luxurious, elegant atmosphere to fit a smaller space. You see, Cape Cod style homes are often coastal vacation homes. Think small cottages and cabins on the beach poised to enjoy […]

Clawfoot Bathtubs – A Quick And Easy Buyer’s Guide

Clawfoot bathtubs are a popular choice for luxury bathroom remodels, and not just period-inspired ones. The simple silhouette of a clawfoot bathtub is so iconic that it adds an instant sense of class and sophistication to your bathroom, whether you have a vintage, cottage style bathroom or a more modern design. But not all clawfoot […]