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Get the Look: The Past and Future Flair of Transitional Living Rooms

The transitional room: an up-and-coming trend and, in my opinion, a boon to the home decor world. It is a style that gets you the best of both worlds, drawing inspiration from both traditional influences and more modern or contemporary styles. When I first discovered this was a significant, respectable trend, I breathed a sigh […]

A Fresh Take On Antique Replicas – Six Great Ways To Incorporate An Old Fashioned Look Into Your Decor

In interior design, everything comes around again. These days, though, it’s easier than ever for antique elements to see a resurgence. Why? Because antique replicas have common, affordable, and easy to make. You don’t have to go hunting for an heirloom piece just to get a look you want anymore. It’s also becoming more common […]