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Picking the Right Colorful Sofa for Your Living Space

Can a colorful sofa exist in the same world as reasonable, classy decor? The answer is yes! Bring some color into your life by replacing a drab, old sofa with a vibrant new one. Don’t be afraid to get creative! A lot of traditional design says that you should stick to neutral colors so that everything you have matches. But that’s a very no-fun approach to the place you live in every day. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right colorful sofa for your living space.

Reinvent Your Living Room By Replacing The Sofa

A good place to start is by asking yourself, “Would a colorful sofa match the furniture in my living space?” Colorful sofas work best when balanced out by subtler colors in the rest of the furniture. You don’t want too many flashy pieces in your room because they’ll conflict and detract from each other. Having otherwise minimalist furniture is an easy way to keep that from happening. You don’t have to change your entire decorating preferences for a sofa. But if you have a neutral color scheme already? Swapping a beige sofa for a brightly colored one can totally transform your space.

Use Color Theory To Choose A Colorful Sofa That Won’t Clash

Complimenting colors can help you pick furniture for your room. The basic rundown of complementary colors is: red pairs with green, yellow pairs with purple, and blue with orange. When you start factoring shades and hues, it gets way more complicated. Also, dark colors go well with dark opposing colors and light similar colors. Imagine baby blue and navy blue together, royal purple and golden yellow together, and deep orange and jungle green together. One of those options sounds less appealing than the others, right? Everyone has different color vision, so there isn’t a clear answer when it comes to design. You don’t need to be an expert on color theory to pick out a sofa though. Mock up the colors you like and already havewhich can be two completely separate groups!and see if they look good with the colorful sofa you’re interested in.

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Be Aware Of Your Lighting

When deciding what color sofa you’d like, be sure to consider how the room is lit. Colors will seem darker with less lighting or dark curtains. Indoor lights will make everything around them look slightly more yellow or orange than they actually are. You can balance this out with natural light from outside or cool-toned LEDs. But sometimes rooms just aren’t built with the ideal amount of windows, or your window is facing the wrong cardinal direction to keep it exposed all the time. Late sleepers with east-facing windows understand this pain quite well. Take photos of your house during different times of day to get a sense of how your lighting affects the color of your living space. Consider installing a sepia filter app on your computer or phone and play with the settings to change the hue of pictures to something closer to your house lights.

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Dress Up A Colorful Sofa With Fun Detailing

Another detail to consider is that colorful sofas come with unique designs and materials that you don’t always see in your traditional options. Tufted backs and sides, sleek patterning, even the sofa legs have just a little more care put into them to accentuate their bright flavor. Velvet is a popular material choice due to its softness, but you can also find a lot of long-lasting colors in leather as well. Choose your fabric type based on how deep you want the color and how shiny it is when hit with light; some materials are more reflective than others.

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Don’t Keep Up With The Joneses, BE The Joneses!

Pink Velvet Sofa, TOV-S110 by Tov Furniture

Make a bold statement with a colorful sofa in your living space without looking over-the-top and leave your old and boring sofa behind. They’re bright, comfortable, and inviting – all good traits when shopping for a new sofa to love. Have a little fun when working through your home’s interior design and let your friends scramble to catch up on the latest trend you just set up (or sat on).

Whether it’s for a living room or other space you spend a lot of time in, consider departing from the tried-and-true but not very enticing neutral colors for furniture that will spice up your space with the reds, oranges, blues, and greens that your heart desires.

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