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Lighting ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

Indoor lighting takes up about one sixth of our total electricity use - a massive quantity of energy directed into light bulbs and tubes to light our way indoors. By 2012, however, light bulbs could be a thing of the past! Light emitting wallpaper and paint will come on the market in 2012 and could potentially be 2. 5 times more efficient than the more energy efficient bulbs already on the market >>>...
I talked in a recent blog post about light emitting wallpaper as one of the future lighting options for homes. Another lighting alternative I recently heard of is the tubular skylight. The tubular skylight consists of a clear plastic dome that is installed on the roof and attached to a highly reflective tube, in effect a sun tunnel, that takes the light absorbed by the dome and transfers it to a ceiling or roof window with a diffuser, which emits it into your home >>>...
Looking to start a landscape lighting project but not sure where to begin? Don't worry, you aren't alone. With all the different types of outdoor lighting available, it can be hard to decide what kind of lights to put where, or even how many you need. Picking a porch light is one thing, but designing a whole back yard is something else entirely >>>...
Been putting off the annual climb on rickety ladders in the snow to prove your holiday spirit? (But not enough that you leave the lights up all year, risking broken bulbs. ) Here, have some Christmas lights ideas and Christmas lights house decorating tips. A little inspiration never hurt anybody >>>...
Confession: I'm a room re-arranger. There's nothing wrong with most of the furniture in my bedroom, but I've been re-arranging it every few weeks to cut down on cabin fever. (It's a small room, with a crazy slanted ceiling) >>>...
When you're doing a kitchen remodel, always budget cash and space for your major appliances. You'll need a fair amount of both, but then without appliances like a kitchen range, oven hood, dishwasher, and microwave,  it wouldn't be much of a kitchen. You're also gonna hurt yourself cooking in the dark and squinting at recipes, so plan for the perfect lighting >>>...
Look up. Most people forget about ceiling design. They'll stuff a room with furniture and change the curtains twice a year, but the ceiling is lucky if it gets a fresh coat of paint now and then >>>...
Skip garden gnomes and pink flamingoes. Those are predictable, even if they were kinda cute lawn decorations when someone first thought of them. But there is something about backyard landscaping that brings out the fairy tale in all of us >>>...
I've been watching a lot of film noir, which isn't the best idea when you're alone in a big house at night. So I'm a little suspicious of dark places right now, and I keep peering outside the windows in my door, afraid of sneaky characters but unable to see anything.  So, it seems like a good time to look into outdoor lighting >>>...
Having the right lighting in your kitchen is incredibly important. Especially in a larger kitchen, or one where you do a lot of entertaining, just your standard bank of fluorescent lights probably isn't going to cut it. Good kitchen lighting comes in layers - that means different types of light different quantities of light, and light in a lot of different areas, not just in the center of your kitchen >>>...