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Afd Buffalo Signal On Marble Base B-W-28525M

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Brand: AFD
Series: BRONZE
Color: Bronze
Size: 33W X 13D X 45H
Width: 33
Length: 13
Height: 45
Material: Bronze


At 45" tall this is a very dramatic sculpture a huge, double size version lost wax, cast bronze, recreation. Of the famous. Original sculpture " buffalo signal" after the. Original by frederic remington, . One. Of the most prolific american artsts. Of all time.. One. Of the rarer. Of frederic remington's 22 bronze sculptures, the buffalo signal was created by the artist as a gift for a young friend with the agreement that. Only. One cast would be made. remington's sculpture captures a native american warrior sitting triumphantly atop his horse, chin raised defiantly and with an intense stare. the hide. Of a slain buffalo raised high signals victory. his horse lifts its front hoof and hind leg in recognition. Of the shared glory.

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