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Desks ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

Confession: I'm a room re-arranger. There's nothing wrong with most of the furniture in my bedroom, but I've been re-arranging it every few weeks to cut down on cabin fever. (It's a small room, with a crazy slanted ceiling) >>>...
Genuine antique desks are probably the most sought after piece of antique furniture, in part because they are both elegant and functional. While a 300 year old sofa might look great in your living room, I know I wouldn't be comfortable dozing on one and running the risk of drooling on the lovingly and expensively restored material. The popularity of antique desks can also mean they wind up super expensive >>>...
We're living in a device heavy world. It's not uncommon for any given person to have a laptop, a desktop computer, a smartphone, tablet, and e-reader and use them all on a daily basis both for work and play. It used to be that only professionals and business people carried this kind of hardware, but now it's practically uncommon for the average person not to have multiple devices >>>...
Throughout high school and college I did a fair bit of studying, but none of it happened at a desk. It took place on the couch, kitchen table, and an ancient armchair that is now stained from several coffee-related mishaps. I consider it a sacrifice to the gods of academia >>>...
Setting up a home office can be tricky, especially if you're a little short on space or don't work from home enough to justify dedicating a whole room to the task. Most desks are designed to be part of a permanent, dedicated home office, which means they're too big and bulky to just stick in the corner of a multi-purpose room, and desks that are designed for intermittent use are usually uncomfortably small, cheap, and not particularly attractive. Today I want to offer a few middle-of-the-line options: desks that are small but stylish, attractive enough to look good in just about any room but not so large that they'll get in the way >>>...
The definition of a "home office" has gotten pretty flexible in the last few years. Especially with the shift towards wireless devices and telecommuting, even people without traditional work-from-home jobs are finding themselves in need of a workspace for those days they don't make it to the office. The good news is, home office desks are evolving, too >>>...
These days, all you really need to set up a home office is a laptop and a surface to put it on. But not every surface you can set your computer on can serve as a desk, and not all desks are suitable for use outside of a dedicated home office. Multi-purpose desks offer the best of both worlds, giving you a setup that's actually comfortable enough to sit and work at, but that makes sense for use in the public areas of your home, with built-in bookshelves for decoration, display, and storage >>>...