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Any real estate agent or contractor will tell you: if you can manage to sneak built-in lighting into any (and every!) room in your home, you should. Being able to flip a switch and get all-over, over-head lighting gives any space an immediate visual appeal that can easily translate into a fast sale or even a slightly higher value on your home. But installing permanent lighting fixtures isn't alway...
I've never been a big fan of floor lamps. I mean, I understand the utility - every room needs light and not every room has it built in. A floor lamp bridges the gap without taking up any surface space, all while staying more or less out of the way. But as with your run of the mill table lamp, there are a tho...
The line between indoor and outdoor spaces has been blurring for a while now, first with the advent of outdoor kitchens and now with the rising popularity of multi-season indoor/outdoor rooms, covered or partially enclosed patios, and folding glass walls that effectively let you join your living room and patio. But that doesn't just mean people are spending more time outside - it also means that i...
I'm a strong believer that lighting should always always do double duty in your home. Light is a necessity, but filling your home with no-nonsense, forgettable task lighting is doing your dec0r a real disservice. While some generic, bargain bin table lamps or

Living Room Corner Decor - Simple Ways To Decorate A Corner Of Any Size

Corners are always among the most difficult spots to decorate and, in my experience, ones that lend themselves all too well to inelegant solutions. You can't comfortably hang art in a corner, most furniture doesn't fit comfortably in a corner, and corner windows are more of an architectural feat than a go-to solution. Comparatively, it's pretty easy to plunk down a
Let's talk about lamps for a second. They are so innocuous to your household that you might not even factor them in when you begin to shop around for furniture, but lamps are a great way to add a little extra flair to any room in your house. No matter how low-key or whimsical your decor is, you always need a light source. This puts lamps into my very favorite section of interior design: pieces tha...
Haven't you heard? Small is big this year, and getting bigger. With the blooming popularity of micro-homes and studio apartments, many people are beginning to think on a smaller scale square-footage wise. Limiting the space you take up is great: it saves you money, consumes less resources, and can generally make you more mindful and organized. And downsizing does not at all have to be a downgrade....
Yesterday I mentioned that home improvement projects are making a big comeback. It's going to be a good year to remodel, renovate, fix up, or update your home, but the common thread between all the most common projects is eco friendlines...
Earth Day 2012 is upon us, and even if you aren't the type to take to the streets about environmental issues, there are more than a few reasons to celebrate the day. In big and little ways, making your home environmentally friendly can really do wonders for your bottom line. From more efficient appliances to lower water bills and even government rebates and tax credits, going green can get you som...