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Chairs ideas and shopping tips

Would you like your furniture to vanish? How long would you like that to take? A year? Five? Ten? Almost any blurb will tell you our attention spans are getting shorter while our ecological footprints are getting larger. Sustainability is a real deal, and biodegradable furniture proves it. Unlike the days when someone had to whittle a chair out of a tree cut down to farm, furniture isn't mad...
There's a lot of new research coming out that points a finger at one of the most dangerous, damaging, unhealthy things that none of us ever thought twice about doing: sitting. It turns out, that "sedentary" doesn't just mean couch potatoes anymore. Even if you exercise regularly, those thirty rigorous minutes a day might not be enough to make up for a desk-bound nine to five. But if you're like pl...
The sun is out, the birds are singing, and despite a recent cold snap, it's a balmy 40 degrees out - and in my part of the country, that means it's time to start thinking SPRING! Really, it's time to start thinking patio furniture. Now, I don't know about you, but I've spent one too many summers depending on a junky folding chair. Last year I dragged my feet until it was too late to upgrade, but t...
If you work from home or spend any serious amount of time sitting in front of a computer, your office chair is hands down the most important purchase you'll make while furnishing your home office. Sure, your desk is a bigger decor statement, and a less-than-stellar printer can ruin your day, but research is finding that how, how often, and how long you sit can have a huge impact on your overall he...
For a long time now, the design world has been putting a lot of focus on the kitchen - specifically, large kitchens and kitchen islands. But after a few years of neglect, formal dining areas are starting to get a little love again. Many old fashioned designs are coming back in vogue, and cross back dining chairs are at the front of the pack. These simple, slightly rustic chairs are perfect for add...
Styles come and styles go, but the most innovative designs transcend the trends, which means the most distinctive styles in all walks of design are bound to come back around again. Right now, all kinds of vintage and retro items are booming, from classic pedestal sinks in the bathroom to antique industrial lights in the kitchen. Mid century modern accent chairs in particular are seeing quite a bit...
Photo by photogl/Shutterstock A leather couch is a piece that serves as a stately, beautiful addition to your home. Yet, with time as you enjoy using it, the leather couch that was the centerpiece of your living room can get faded and dull, taking away from the overall look of your room. As you look at your investment and wonder what happened, don't fear. You can salvage that leather couch and...
High backed chairs with simple canvas or linen colored upholstery are starting to pop up all over the design world right now, particularly as part of the increasingly popular restoration style. These chairs combine an old fashioned elegance with a simple, clean finish that makes them well suited to a contemporary space, whether it's a living room, dining room, or even a master bathroom. They're am...
Mid century modern furniture is usually paired either with a very retro style or an incredibly modern one; by and large, there isn't much middle ground between dark-wood-and-gem-tones and stark-lines-and-cool-colors. But lately mid century modern style chairs have found their way into a distinctly different, Nordic-inspired decor: Scandinavian modern design. This style is all about simple, stark, ...
Wood has long been the go-to material for dining room chairs, but it certainly isn't the only option. Metal dining chairs are a unique and distinctive alternative, and have started to become popular not only in modern spaces, but also in very traditional ones, too. These sleek, gunmetal finished steel and aluminum chairs have an elegant contemporary feel, but are subtle enough in terms of design t...