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Dining Room Tables ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

As kitchen design tends more and more toward the modern, old fashioned china cabinets and buffets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Ornate carved mahogany and leaded glass cabinets are nothing if not beautiful, but they're out of place in an increasingly minimal dining area. That said, while many people might not want an old fashioned cabinet it an ultramoderndining room, china cabinets and dining room buffets still serve an important function, especially for people who entertain often >>>...
I've always loved bistro tables - you know, the tall, sometimes delicate tables that come to mind when you think of a Parisian cafe or maybe a trendy nightclub. They're the kind of tables you see when you go out, but not often in the home. I think it's a distinction worth breaking, so here are my top six favorite ways to use a bistro table or bar table in your own home >>>...
For a long time now, the design world has been putting a lot of focus on the kitchen - specifically, large kitchens and kitchen islands. But after a few years of neglect, formal dining areas are starting to get a little love again. Many old fashioned designs are coming back in vogue, and cross back dining chairs are at the front of the pack >>>...
In recent years, reclaimed wood has gone from only being used in very specialized, niche markets to being one of the trendiest materials in contemporary design. Reclaimed wood furniture has beautiful built-in character, not just for the grain and stain of the wood, but for the natural variation, the dings, wear, and tear that make each piece individual. Reclaimed wood dining tables have become hugely popular in both modern and traditional dining rooms as even the simplest designs can act as a dramatic statement piece and focal point for the space >>>...
Wood has long been the go-to material for dining room chairs, but it certainly isn't the only option. Metal dining chairs are a unique and distinctive alternative, and have started to become popular not only in modern spaces, but also in very traditional ones, too. These sleek, gunmetal finished steel and aluminum chairs have an elegant contemporary feel, but are subtle enough in terms of design to blend well with a variety of different styles >>>...
What do you think of when you hear the word 'dining room?' An unexplored, shadowy place you only air out for Thanksgiving? The good china you only dust off for company? There is just something about dark wood and stylized, throne-like chairs that can make a dining room awkward to use. Luckily, trends have developed and formal no longer has to mean austere or vintage. Investing in a contemporary dining table is a chic, fresh way to update your style >>>...
The chandelier is a mainstay of classic decor, harkening back to the homes of  wealthy nobility in Medieval times, and gaining broader popularity on and into the Romantic period. With remarkable staying power, they have persisted as a decorative form of lighting throughout various sources of power. Candles, gas lights, and electricity have all graced these elegant contraptions >>>...
In any dining room, the table and chairs are going to be the stars of the show. But while they may take front and center (and certainly get the most use), it's not unusual to sneak in an extra piece or two for added storage. That said, there are a whole lot of options out there above and beyond classic buffets, and which one will work best for you depends a lot on how you use the space and what exactly you need to store >>>...
Everyone uses their dining room a little differently. For some, a dining room is a large, separate room where you gather your extended family and friends for large holiday meals. For others, it's a small space where you and the people you live with share a quiet, intimate meal >>>...
We accept armless chairs as a staple of current dining room furniture, but have you ever thought about why? Dining chairs are necessary furniture in our homes, but rarely get thought about in comparison to flashier, bigger pieces like couches and beds. Designers love trying to make the dining chair step up to the plate with bold, eye-catching designs, yet most people I know are still relying on the classic armless, no-nonsense chair. Why is that? Today we explore some reasons why this subtle, specific kind of dining chair has yet to be outmatched at the table >>>...