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Garden Statues Decor ideas and shopping tips from our blog.

Here on the barefoot blog, we've spent plenty of time talking about all the things you can do to make your back yard look great. From something as little as finding the right kind of outdoor storage to doing some really elaborate landscape planning, we've looked at a lot of practical steps you can take toward creating your dream lawn. Sometimes, though, I think the best way to give your garden a little personality is to do something totally impractical, and my favorite impractical thing just happens to be adorable lawn decorations >>>...
One of my clearest memories of my house growing up was a statue we all universally referred to as “the solitary imp”. The imp was a squat, grey gargoyle-like creature that sat and squinted across the fishpond. This statue has fixed itself more firmly in my mind than other part of the yard >>>...
Decorating a large outdoor area can be a daunting prospect. The more space you have to work with, the harder it can be to fill it with basics like flowers and shrubbery. If your lawn or garden is feeling a little empty, a well-placed statue or fountain can bring your landscaping to a new level, not only filling up that extra space, but turning it into a focal point and feature >>>...
Good landscape lighting is easily one of the best ways to beautify your outdoor spaces, but hardwiring your back yard for electricity is far from a DIY weekend project. That said, adding little light to your outdoor spaces doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Solar powered LEDs and candle-lit garden lanterns don’t require any wiring, and while they produce a little less light, they often come in really adorable shapes and styles >>>...
Envision a piece of artwork that changes each time you see it, expanding and shrinking in different areas upon every viewing. A vertical garden is organic art, ranging from a plant that grows in a frame to an intricate sculpture winding around a courtyard. It grows, buds, bears fruit, dies, and emerges again from the soil >>>...
We've been bringing the wild into the house. First, animal furniture. Now, plants and garden views >>>...
My first impulse: how hard can it be to make a Zen garden? You can't kill rocks. There's a lot more to rock gardens than a bunch of rocks, though there aren't always a lot more materials in them. Zen gardens are also called Japanese gardens and rock gardens, because they're mainly made of rocks, gravel, and sand >>>...
One of my favorite things about summer is the sudden abundance of good, fresh produce. The sun always brings the best out of the ground - and any chef or home cook can tell you, the closer to your back yard it's grown, the better your food is going to taste. And there's nothing that brings out the flavor of summer like fresh herbs >>>...
The image of the classic English garden is probably pretty familiar to you: well kept hedges, colorful flowers, and whimsical stone paths, dotted with elegant wrought iron Victorian garden tables and chairs. It's a scene that's idyllic, pastoral, and (for better or worse) one that's shaped the American garden. Now, of course some Americans tend more toward decks, grills, and outdoor kitchens with bench seating >>>...
Over the past few years, Chinese garden stools have started to become a common sight in American decor. These petite, decorative ceramic pieces have been used in China for more than a thousand years, and are both beautiful and extremely versatile. With highly detailed designs and vivid, colorful glazes, these stools are eye catching and elegant, and are just the right shape to be used in a variety of different ways, both indoors and out >>>...